Scimed’s solutions business proudly associated with PerkinElmer for over twenty years, delivers decades of experience in automation and method development with a breadth of applications expertise in life science, clinical research and development, and analytical sciences.

With core competencies in today's current and tomorrow's emerging applications, Scimed offers diverse technologies to meet your unique application and automation needs, with a wide range of technologies, methods and know how.

We tailor solutions to meet your specific application requirements with market-leading technologies backed by an extensive service and support network providing you with a complete range of expertise for your science.

Our Technology Partners

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Perkin Elmer have been at the forefront of advanced technology for over 50 years, and with tens of thousands of installations worldwide, Perkin Elmer systems are performing scientific discovery every hour of every day.


Steroglass specialize in evaporation, titration, metal detection, enzymatic and colorimetric analyses equipment for the food & beverage, environmental chemistry, diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


MembraPure is a specialist for ultra pure water, laboratory water, online TOC analysis, membrane filtration, Cross flow filtration as well as chromatography (amino acid analytics, ion chromatography).


Aqualytic is one of the best-known manufacturers of equipment for water and wastewater analysis, specializing in BOD measurement, photometry and portable instruments for the measurements of pH, Conductivity and Oxygen as well as easy-to-use test-kits.


Metertech design and manufacture medical, analytical, biotechnology, life science, industrial quality control, and environmental instruments.


Schmidt Haensch specialize in innovative polarimeters, refractometers, density meters and colorimeters for laboratory, process and analysis automation.


Select BioProducts offer a concise collection of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and Plastics for the research laboratory, essential products that researchers and technicians rely upon every day to carry out laboratory procedures.

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